Thursday, March 04, 2010

Milan Baltimore

I had the opportunity to attend a media dinner at Milan, a new restaurant in Little Italy. The space is beautiful, very modern and white and seems intimate for the large space.

They have some interesting menu items in their extremely ambitious menu, the most striking, the Italian sushi. We were told that some of the rolls would be rotating out so we ordered the crudo, sashimi with Italian sauces drizzled on top. We tried three but the salmon with the pesto was the best, very fresh tasting.

We then split a Caesar Salad which was very good, crisp with a great dressing. The best part was the deviled egg on the side, it was a clever and welcome touch that really made it stand out. I ordered the calamari as an appetizer and it was very good, not greasy, crisp and flavorful and the sauce had a touch of balsamic which was tasty. I also appreciated the lemon half wrapped in cheesecloth, I hate then places give you a big wedge of lemon and you end up getting pulp (or worse, seeds) in your dish. Matt had the lobster fritters and they were sort of like coddies made with lobster. Not the best use of lobster and on the bland side.

Matt's steak (it was the one with the lobster) was great but the sauce was oddly thick and bland and the mashed potatoes were good, but didn't taste like lobster.

I had the ravioli. The filling was tasty but the tail (and quite a bit of bottom shell) was still on the shrimp and was awkward to remove since it was between the pasta squares and under the sauce . The pasta wasn't cooked long enough, it was quite chewy-not al dente. I liked the idea of the pink peppercorn sauce but it seemed to be a cream sauce with peppercorns ground on top rather than cooked into the sauce and the pepper was just too coarse, it made the sauce gritty and and even chunky in parts.

All in all, I would highly recommend Milan for their salads and appetizers (I didn't try their cocktails but they all looked very sweet) and decor but the entrees were only so-so. Hopefully they can work out their kinks we had great service and it is a great space but for the prices, the food was too uneven to make it a regular spot. Oh, and one bit of trivia: the menu has prices in euros and dollars.

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