Friday, July 31, 2009

Farm City

I read Novella Carpenter's book Farm City yesterday. It was a fascinating look at a woman's quest to create an urban farm in Oakland, CA. She went from just fruits and vegetables to adding poultry, bees and then eventually rabbits and pigs. I like how it was realistic without being graphic although I have to admit the dumpster diving for food to give the various animals made me a little queasy. I appreciated how much she cared for the animals and how much respect she gave to their deaths. It was a quick read but really brought together the urban experience and the farm experience in a clear, detailed way. Who knew it was possible? It also made me grateful that I although I live in Baltimore City, I have a large yard where I can raise fruits and vegetables without squatting on someone else's land. It reinforced my interest in bees but I can't imagine forcing my neighbors to deal with noise and smell that come with raising pigs or poultry. Perhaps because I am a homeowner.