Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Romantic Cookbooks

Cooking for Two: Perfect Meals for Pairs is a super cookbook full of meals that have been paired down for two. There is quite a variety of foods presented, everything from seafood to paella to chili to desserts all with clear instructions and beautiful pictures. I like this book because nearly every meal I cook is for two and I know how tricky it is to get proportions correct in smaller batch recipes. I normally just plan on having whatever is left the next day for lunch but sometimes it is nice to have a perfectly scaled recipe that doesn't yield leftovers. I especially enjoyed the dessert recipes, it is rare to find a sweet recipe that only yields two servings. I know from person experience how hard it is to finish a whole pie or cake or even ice cream when there are just two of you.

Another fun cookbook is Tiny Bubbles: Fizzy Cocktails for Every Occasion, Using Champagne, Prosecco, and Other Sparkling Wines. It is full of easy and inventive cocktails. That alone is enough to pick up the book but it also includes recipes that use sparkling wines-perfect when you have some leftover the next day.