Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Zojirushi NS-VGC05 Micom 3-Cup Electric Rice Cooker and Warmer

I have a new favorite appliance. Don't tell the Vita-Mix but we use this rice cooker (Zojirushi NS-VGC05 Micom 3-Cup Electric Rice Cooker and Warmer) nearly every day. It takes a bit longer than making rice on the stovetop but it cooks an assortment of rice to the perfect texture and leaves a burner free on the stove; a major concern for us. Not only does it make perfect rice, it keeps it warm for hours without sacrificing texture at all.

I know that space is a concern for a lot of people, but it is actually quite small; it comfortably sits against the wall on our countertop which is a space we rarely utilized any way.

The 3 cup size (3 "rice" cups, not 3 American cups) is perfect for a couple or small family. There are settings for mixed rice, sushi rice, rinse free rice, porridge and even cake! You can even make rice with vegetables or small bits of meat in it. There is a very clear instruction book with recipes and diagrams that make using it a breeze. It plays "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" as an alert, how cute is that?