Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Customized M&Ms

This year I had some customized M&Ms in holiday colors made just for fun. They feature my face, "Food Maven" and "Happy Holidays". They are really too cute and everyone I've given them to gets the biggest kick out of them. I think my mom has given them to everyone she knows! I am sort of tempted to make cookies out of them-they would be a fun gift to give to family members. I also think these personalized M&Ms would be perfect for a wedding or bridal shower or even a special birthday. They are distinctive and can be made in several color combinations and you can get pictures and/or phrases put on them. Plus there are a variety of packaging options so you have them all packaged and ready to go as gifts or party favors when they arrive so you don't have to do anything! It isn't too late to place a Christmas/Hanukkah order, just order by Dec. 18th.