Friday, August 08, 2008


I'm not much of a bar person, mostly because I work from home and can make whatever I want to eat but these Soyjoy bars are pretty good, especially the mango one*. I like the mango/coconut flavor and it has an enjoyable coconut-y texture. I appreciate that they hold up to heat well and are hard to smoosh which makes it a good choice to stash in your bag or car (or take it to the beach!) in case of emergency. I like having something on hand in case I get stuck some where longer than I think and get hungry. Even eating half a bar takes the edge off. I also like that they are basically just soy and dried fruit in bar form. So if you haven't checked them out, do so!

*The other flavors are pretty good as well but they have a dryish texture that I think works well with coconut.