Sunday, August 31, 2008

Review: Freda's Kitchen

sandwich from freda's kitchen

I am not quite sure why the Baltimore Sun's Elizabeth Large says Freda's Kitchen is a New York style deli because many of the hallmarks of a New York style deli were missing: no knishes, no matzo ball soup, no latkes; none of the usual Jewish-style sides common at even non-Jewish New York delis. Not to mention that they seemed stunned that we would want only mustard on our corned beef on rye. They did have a limited variety of deli meats, hot dogs and some salads so perhaps that is what Ms. Large was focusing on.

The corned beef was indeed tasty and fresh and the sandwich (even after a car ride home wrapped in foil) was not soggy but it was also on the small side. My sandwich (which, though not teeny, was unevenly filled--the corned beef was lumped in the middle and didn't make anywhere near the corners of the bread) was almost twice the size of Matt's and we ordered the exact same thing. One would expect some sort of standardization of sandwich size, especially since they were on the expensive side at $8 a sandwich. Also disappointing: the counter staff said pickles came with the sandwich so Matt didn't order any on the side but when he got home, there were none in the bag. The red skin potato salad, although it was flecked with what appeared to be dill was unexpectedly and overwhelmingly sugary sweet. I don't think I've ever had sweetened potato salad before and I don't care to ever again, it was really quite disgusting. We were rather disappointed that for about $20 we ended up no pickles, inedible potato salad, (especially for Matt) sandwiches which left us still hungry and no beverages.

So, I would never make a special trip there again, but if I was in Mt. Washington and terribly hungry, I'd probably stop in and pick up a a pound of corned beef and make my own sandwich.

I'd post a link to their website but despite what it says on their menu, doesn't appear to exist.

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