Tuesday, August 05, 2008

RA Sushi

my zonie roll
Heather and I went to RA Sushi (over on Lancaster St) for lunch last Friday. I was pleasantly surprised. I had read a bunch of negative to middling reviews for this location and a couple of the other locations in other cities. It was pretty loud but the sushi was pretty good. Large rolls, fresh fish, good rice and a lot of variety. I wouldn't say it is my new favorite sushi place but if I was down in Harbor East, I'd probably make a stop. My main complaint would be that there are very few "special" rolls that don't have some sort of fried component. Unusual rolls seem to be a bit of a focus there so I was surprised they didn't have as much variety in the raw only line. I was able to find one I liked (above) and had an acceptable yellowtail and scallion roll and Heather tried several yummy looking pieces. All in all I'd go back, especially for lunch. A lot of the complaints online were from people who went there late at night/peak dinner hours when I would assume, given the bar-like atmosphere, was pretty loud and crowded. Two things that normally mean sloppy sushi making to me.

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