Sunday, June 01, 2008

Farmer's Market Report

farmer's market

We went to the farmer's market (the one under 83) today and really lucked out. Some french shallots, spring onions, a heirloom tomato plant (with black tomatoes!), pea vines and best of all, some blue crabs! The crab guy was getting ready to leave so he sold me 16 crabs for $11 (what I had in my pocket) which was a great deal-they are normally $20 a dozen.

I love the farmer's market, even during this time of year when there are more plants for sale than produce but I wish it was better organized. While the prepared foods stands are not something I am interested in at all, they are very popular. Unfortunately, they are not in their own separate section so you end up have to cross long lines of customers to get to the actual produce. It is really frustrating because the market is very crowded anyway, and have to cross lines of people waiting to get an omelet or hot sauce just to get some onions is daunting. Wouldn't it be a better set-up to have all of the prepared foods and hot foods in one section and the produce and flowers in another? That way the people who are going there to get fresh fruits and vegetables and get them and get out and not have to tangle with the people getting breakfast or lunch or kettle corn or whatever.