Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cake is Awesome

Last night we went to the Threadless and Charm City Cakes party. It was very hot (no air conditioning?) and a little last minute feeling but fun. There was a very cute cake (above) that was so perfect, Matt thought it was a statue! Everyone also got a (I am assuming) limited edition shirt with that cake on it. There were some prints up and a DJ. I am glad we got there fairly early and got the shirts and cake, it said it went on until 11:30 but everything seemed to be winding down fairly early.

Mary Ann (or maybe Mary Alice? it was pretty loud) from Ace of Cakes was there (who I am not familiar with because we don't have cable but people seem excited) who got a statue from Threadless for wearing their shirts on-air and in real life. We also ran into the photographer who took my picture for the Baltimore Magazine article which was fun, he was the nicest photographer I've ever had! Anyway, the main reason we wanted to go besides our love of Threadless and the lure of free drinks was to finally try a Charm City Cakes cake. I mean, they cost a fortune, we make all of our own cakes for celebrations and we were getting tired of waiting for someone to have a wedding and get one. They look great, we've all seen that, but how do they taste?

After all that build up we battled the crowds and tried a tiny sliver and it was just eh. Moist. Decent crumb, but it really just tasted like a kind of generic bakery cake. Not horrible but not anything outstanding either. My slice didn't have the fondant on it, but it had a very sweet, buttery icing that left sort of an oily feeling in my mouth. Could they not be using 100% butter? Anyway, it is sort of a relief to know that despite the cakes looking gorgeous, they are not perfect.

I am glad we went and I hope more events like this pop up in Baltimore.