Monday, May 19, 2008

Pizza for One

Sometimes I wonder if the reason I do some much from scratch cooking is because I had bad luck with frozen and prepared foods. If I am not actively cooking I get distracted and disaster strikes. For example, the few times a year I try to to eat a can of soup, I invariably leave it on the stove too long and either burn it or it condenses into a salty mess. Of course, food made from scratch tastes better but I do like having a few quick lunch options to have on hand. Since I work at home, I can easily make lunch, but some days there are times when we don't have too much in the way of groceries or I spent the day creating new recipes for publication or Matt took the last of the leftovers in his lunch and I just want some thing easy for lunch. I don't like tv dinner type meals so frozen options are kind of limited but I do enjoy frozen potstickers or pierogies. I like the idea if having a frozen pizza (frozen pizza technology has come a long way since I was a kid) on hand but they are often way too big for one person and they are sometimes too wide to fit in my freezer so I was interested to try some new lines of pizza-for-one.

I recently tried DiGiorno For One Garlic Bread Crust and it was actually pretty tasty. Not too greasy and it appeared to be topped with a good quality cheese (that actually tasted like cheese) and a lot of toppings. My only complaint? I really dislike food cooked in the microwave and I have access to an oven so I baked it and it just wouldn't bake through. The center stayed cold for so long, that by the time it was cooked through, the edges got really brown and I ended up not being able to eat much of the crust, even though I cooked it within the outer amount of time suggested on the package. I kind of don't think it was my fault though, the crust was really, really thick and dense straight from the fridge. If I bought another I'd try a different crust.

Today's try: California Pizza Kitchen For One Crispy Thin Crust which I think will eliminate my thick-crust issues, as the crust is sort of like a large cracker and has a much shorter cooking time. The result: it didn't burn and it was pretty tasty. The toppings were flavorful but not overwhelming and it had fontina cheese. I've never eaten at one of the restaurants before so I don't know how it compares to the non-frozen ones but it had a good flavor and was bubbly and crispy in only 10 minutes.

The verdict? I wouldn't mind picking up a couple if they were on sale to have on hand.