Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I am always interested in new health/fitness news and when I heard about the FitFlop (over 10,000 preorders in England!) I had to try it. When I first heard of it, it reminded me of the Dr. Scholl's exercise sandal, which I love. Both are supposed to provided added exercise when walking. With the Dr. Scholl's sandal, you have to use your toes to grip the wooden bottom so they don't slip off which encourages calf and leg muscles to exercise just by walking. The FitFlops to much the same thing- "Studies at Salford University by Dr. Philip Graham-Smith and Richard Jones have shown that the FitFlop midsole extends the amount of time that the slow twitch* muscles are engaged during each step (by approximately 10-12%). So just by wearing a pair of FitFlops you'll get more exercise while doing just exactly what you're normally doing. (*slow twitch muscles produce energy by converting fats into energy aerobically)".

You really do feel your muscles work when you wear them, but they are quite comfortable and perfect for wearing while standing.

While I love my Dr. Scholl's, I have to say the FitFlops are better suited to walking on different types of ground. The wooden sole of the Dr. Scholl's made it tricky to walk on uneven surfaces, like cobblestones. The FitFlop is so comfortable, it is like walking barefoot. Since the straps go rather far back on your foot (toward your ankle) they are very secure and don't flip or flop much so you can walk for long distances.