Monday, May 19, 2008


While Baltimore has some of the best tap water around (Coca-Cola bottles it in town for it's Dasani line) it sometimes has a faint but detectable chlorine note to it. We've been drinking a lot of tap water the last few months in the form of homemade club soda and wanted the water to be the best tasting it could be. I don't believe in bottled water and don't have room for (or interest in) one of those office-style water coolers so the logical step was to try a water purifier. Enter Aquasana. I've tried their under sink water system and not only is it easy to use but it was really easy to install. I replaced our never used built-in soap dispenser with a button faucet that dispenses filtered water. It's perfect for filling up my club soda bottles and getting a quick drink while not disturbing the functionality of the sink. It also takes the lead out of water, which is a concern in a lot of the older homes here in Baltimore that have old pipes. And it tastes great, so it is like getting bottled spring water straight from the tap.

I also tried the the shower filter and enjoyed that as well. I didn't notice as much of a difference with that as the drinking water but I bet if I had well water or "hard" water I could really tell the difference. That aside, I really do enjoy using it, it made no difference in the water pressure and the water smells much better with the chlorine removed. I also think my hair seems softer.

Possibly one of the best things about Aquasana is that once you buy the products, you can sign up for a lifetime of automatic filter refill deliveries. You get a discount so it is cheaper than placing single orders when you need them and there is nothing to remember, they just send them out when it is time to change the filter. What could be easier?