Monday, April 28, 2008

One to avoid: Crystal Light

In my quest to eliminate plain water from my diet (especially while I am waiting for a refill for my beloved edition one seltzer/soda maker) I tried these Crystal Light on the go drink mix packets. Each package flavors one glass of water. It was a big disappointment. The flavors do not taste all like what they purport to be (either in the tea or "enhanced" varieties)but instead taste threateningly medicinal. They also remind me how much I dislike artificial sugars as they not only have a bitter aftertaste, they are bitter going down. I couldn't even manage to get one full glass of any of the flavors down despite the flavors being things I like: mango, pomegranate etc. My suggestion: rework the powders using actual sugar or agave nectar. The quantity needed to flavor a glass of water is so small, the calorie difference would be negligible and the flavor might even be palatable.