Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Favorite: the Knork

As someone who prefers to use the tines of her fork to cut up her meal rather than using a knife (sorry, Emily Post) I adore the knork . Oh, yes the knork: a knife/fork hybrid. While it can cut through most foods (even meat!) it isn't sharp-the end tine is angled in such away that it can cut through things easily. I think it would be perfect to have on hand at work or in the car for those times when you are out and need a utensil unexpectedly. Or maybe that would only happen to me back when I worked outside of the home. I hate digging plastic utensils out of communal bins. The thought of all of those strange fingers touching something I eat with-ick. Anyway, I think it is pretty neat and much more functional than the spork.