Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hansen's Natural: Dragonfruit

I've been eyeing the Hansen's Natural line of soda (sparkling fruit water?) for a while now, but for $4.99 for a 4 pack, I resisted. What if I didn't like it? At the Safeway today, however, they had them buy one get one free so I picked up a pack of the dragonfruit and one of the blueberry pomegranate. I haven't tried the pom one yet but the dragonfruit one is pretty good. Sweet, but so are actual dragonfruit, and there is no icky HFCS aftertaste just the clean finish of actual cane sugar. It actually tastes like dragonfruit (sort of tropical and floral, if that makes sense) and contains real dragonfruit extract in it, not some amalgamation of other juices like some "dragonfruit" drinks I've come across. I'd buy it again (especially if it was on sale, $1.25 per can is a little steep for a multipack soda) and maybe try it as a mixer?