Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Grocery Shopping

It might surprise you that I actually hate grocery shopping. I like finding new foods and bringing exciting ingredients home, but the actual act of grocery shopping leaves me cold. Now shopping at H Mart or other ethnic/specialty markets is a bit more bearable because of the sheer variety of items and the possibility of discovering something new.

The major issues I have with grocery shopping: crowds*, the sticky carts, check out people who can't identify the produce, the selling out of sale items on the first day. The list goes on. To streamline the process I like to carry a list. A list that I may or may not write in order of how I shop and by isle. I am blessed (and cursed) with one of those minds that just doesn't forget anything and I can pretty much remember exactly where anything is in the store at any time, even what shelf. So we keep a running list of what we need on the fridge and then I organize it depending on the store before I go shopping. Today I am going to the Wegmans with my mother (she's never been!) so I am buying a bunch of only-at-Wegmans products: their better-and-cheaper than national brand faux Ziplock bags, fake Claritin, freakishly cheap vitamins ($2 for a 100 count bottle of B-12! $6 for a 300 count of calcium+vitamin D), a 2lb block of Cabot cheese, and Wegmans brand beans (often only about 50 cents a can).

How about you? Do you shop with a list? Plan out your trips? Eat before shopping?

*Wegmans is crowded no matter when you get there. Early morning, late afternoon, right before closing; no time is safe. The Safeway at least is pretty quiet when I go during the day. Of course, sometimes the Safeway shelves are as bare as I imagine they were in Soviet Russia, but that's another story.