Friday, April 11, 2008

Flat Earth Crisps Revisited

I recently revisted Flat Earth crisps. We generally don't have any snack foods like potato chips or pretzels around the house, but these are a healthier choice so I don't feel bad about trying them again. I had Tangy Tomato Ranch flavor, even though I generally don't like "ranch" flavored things as they tend to be a bit sweet. These crisps, however, were not sweet at all and had a good tomato-y flavor. They are made with rice flour and potato flakes, which sounds odd but was actually pretty tasty. They are very crisp and airy. The flavor comes from the sort of powdery substance one finds on cheese curls but it much tastier and doesn't seem to flake off as much or stain your hands. The serving size is one ounce and since they are so light, that is about 12 chips. Each ounce contains a 1/2 serving of vegetables, which might be a good way to sneak some vegetables into a veggie-phobe's diet. The other flavor I tried was the Farmhouse cheddar which was also pretty good.

They also sell some fruit flavors: Wild Berry Patch, Apple Cinnamon Grove, and Peach Mango Paradise which have 1/2 serving a fruit in every ounce. I tried the apple flavored ones and they were pretty good. I still think having fruit flavored crisps is sort of a bold move, I don't think people generally think of fruit flavors when they are looking for a potato chips substitute but they weren't too sweet or fake tasting.

Actually the whole Flat Earth healthy chip thing is a bit of a departure for it's parent company, Frito-Lay. You can read what they have to say about the product here. All in all, a good alternative to traditional, fried potato chips.