Tuesday, April 15, 2008


This weekend we finally used that free two month pass to BJ's and made our first leap into bulk shopping. Our reaction? Eh. We liked the 6 pack of Pacific organic chicken broth for $9, the 400 trash bags for $10, cheap flour and sugar, a variety pack of pork for $2 lb, a 4 lb bag of limes and a great deal on duck. We did notice that a lot of the food and even the much lauded paper products were not cheaper than what we normally buy on sale or even at normal prices at a regular store, just in larger amounts. I think maybe some people don't pay as much attention to what things cost because people were snapping up some of the items (canned tomatoes, tuna etc) that were actually the same price or more expensive than what we normally pay at the local store without having to buy 20 cans at once.

Also, since you had to buy things in such quantity, it was a lot of money to lay out at once, even for things that we will use for a long time like those trash bags or the "use by 1/09" broth and we still had to make a trip to the regular grocery store for more manageably sized perishables. Luckily most of what we bought could be frozen or had a far off sell-by date so we are set for a while.

I think that if we had kids, threw giant banquets or ate a huge amount of processed foods we might be able to find more "deals" or want to buy food in vast quantities. While I am happy with what we bought and will use it for a long time, I am not sure it would be worth spending $50 for membership. Still, I wouldn't mind going back and picking up some more broth and another duck.

I do admit to being amused by the little characters gracing the packaging of a lot of the store brand foods.