Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Soda Club

Okay, you all know my loathing of water. I can tolerate it if it is bubbly but that is about it; still water bores me. This means that we end up going through at least a dozen cans of club soda each week. We recycle the cans but I thought there must be a better way. Enter Soda Club. Soda Club makes a line of carbonating machines (I have this edition one seltzer/soda maker) that come with reusable carbonating bottles which will drastically cut down on the packaging I need to fill my habit. Not to mention that is cheaper to make your own seltzer from tap water (of which Baltimore has in ample, tasty supply) than to pay for a couple of six packs each week. One Carbonator (the tank that makes the bubbles) makes about 110 liters of seltzer.

I love that you can make the soda as fizzy as you want. Soda-Club will make a liter of sparkling water in about 30 seconds, and if plain seltzer isn't your thing, they have a range of over 25 flavors (regular and diet) of soda mixes. You can also make yummy drinks using fresh juice or even make an egg cream or ice cream sodas.