Thursday, March 20, 2008

Snapple Antioxidant Water

Snapple has jumped on the flavored water bandwagon with new antioxidant fruit-flavored water featuring tea polyphenols, electrolytes and vitamins. There are 60 calories per serving (120 for the whole bottle) which isn't bad-there is no way I can finish a bottle of anything in one sitting anyway. It is sweetened with sugar (no HFCS!) which I love.

It comes in several interesting flavors. I found the tropical mango (good mango flavor), Grape Pomegranate (eh, I don't like grape juice-wish it was just pomegranate), Raspberry Acerola (acerola is wild crapemyrtle and really yummy) , Strawberry Acai (tasty), Orange Starfruit (I love starfuit anything), and I heard there are Dragonfruit (yum!!) and Agave Melon (love agave) varieties but I haven't seen those two yet. I think they were better tasting and more flavorful than the similar in concept Vitamin water. Each drink promises to either Protect, Restore, Awaken or perhaps most puzzling, Defy.

Anyway, I like them a lot: fruity but not too heavy, sweet but not too sweet and interesting flavors. The first thing from Snapple I might actually seek out.