Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hotel Chocolat (US) Chocolate Eggs

Am I the only one who is surprised that Easter is so soon? The only one still finishing up her Valentine's Day candy? Of course that didn't stop me from trying the Easter offerings from Hotel Chocolat, namely the 1/2 lb engraved dark chocolate egg and the truly over the top milk chocolate Eggsibitionist™ Easter Egg. The dark chocolate egg, though simpler, was my favorite, simply by the virtue that it was dark chocolate. The Eggsibitionist is however, quite possibly the most impressive egg you could give someone. From the description:

"Cradled between two thick shells of 40% milk chocolate are a dozen beautiful chocolate eggs with decadent praline and velvety ganache fillings. Elegantly presented in an embossed box."

And it is exactly that: two really thick shells with 12 fancy filled eggs inside. This one would have been my favorite had it been the dark chocolate version they sell. Milk chocolate is a little sweet for my tastes, but if you like it, this would make an awesome Easter gift.