Monday, March 24, 2008

Dannon Light & Fit 0% Plus Yogurt

I know it seems like all I ever talk about is probiotics, yogurt and flavored water but I swear I do eat (and drink!) other things. Not today though. Recently I tried Dannon's new Light & Fit 0% Plus yogurt. The yogurt fruit flavors have 50% more fruit than regular Light & Fit, but each cup is only 60 calories. The vanilla one (my favorite) has only 50 calories. Granted the cup is only 4 oz, but that is enough yogurt for me. I used to buy the little kid sized yogurt cups until they started making "adult" yogurt in smaller sizes and the size is a big part of why I wanted to try this product in the first place. Those 10 oz cup yogurts are just so much. This yogurt makes a great snack or part of a larger meal.