Monday, March 03, 2008

Bottled Tomato Sauce

So, how do we feel about bottled sauces? Anyone?

I grew eating them but haven't had one in years and don't miss them at all. What I find puzzling about bottled sauce usage is that so many people seem to only use them after much "doctoring"-sauteing onions, garlic, adding herbs etc which sort of leaves me wondering why they are starting with a prepared sauce to begin with. Swap out the prepared sauce for canned tomatoes and you just made a homemade sauce. I mean I can see the convenience of using a bottle sauce but adding things to it brings the prep time to about what it would take to start from scratch it seems sort of counterproductive. And surely if the bottled sauces were so tasty that using canned tomato would be vastly inferior, you wouldn't have to add a thing to them.

So do you doctor bottled sauces? Why or why not.