Saturday, March 15, 2008


Jones Soda has recently launched a really neat new product. Called 24c, it is a powder that you add to plain water than contains a full day's worth of essential vitamins. It also makes the water bubbly (you know how much I like that) and is made with cane sugar-no HFCS. It comes in Lemon Lime, Mandarin Orange, Tropical Citrus, Peach Mango, Berry Pomegranate, and Cranberry Apple. The flavors aren't super strong- think slightly fizzy, lightly fruit flavored water- but that's fine with me, I am not a big juice drinker and I find that really fruity tasting drinks are too "much" to drink with a meal. Plus I love the idea of getting my vitamins in a more fun way then taking a pill without resorting to the Flintstone vitamins. It is sold in boxes of 12 tubes for one glass.

Buy them at Whole Foods or apparently, World Market.