Thursday, February 21, 2008

Attune Probiotic Bars

You all know I love things with probiotics. Normally I eat them in cheese or yogurt but now there are available in granola or chocolate bar form in some new products by Attune foods.

You have to keep them refrigerated until you toss them in your bag to eat them that day but they have the texture of regular granola or candy bars and have 5x the amount of probiotics as yogurt. I have tried almost all of them.

The dark chocolate and mint chocolate bar were the best bars out of the chocolate bar line up. They each are fairly low in calories and are basically 2 flat squares of chocolate. The chocolate crisp one was okay but the blueberry vanilla white chocolate bar was really fake tasting.

The granola bars were all pretty good if a little on the sweet side for my taste. They are the chewy dipped in yogurt type which I enjoy and were a good size for a snack. I liked the mango-peach one the best of the granola bars but all of the flavors were true to life.

One odd thing I noticed about the bars was that the name of the bar and the packaging don't always describe the bar inside in what I would think of as the proper way. The peach mango bar had large chunks of dried cranberries in nearly every bite. Cranberries were not mentioned on the front of the bar, in the name or in the description at all. They are listed in the ingredients, but it was a surprise to bite into the bar and have it be so full of cranberries. Cranberries are a rather aggressively flavored fruit and I think the bar should have been called a cranberry-mango-peach bar as the cranberry was the dominate flavor and there were just hints of mango and peach. I didn't mind but I'd hate it if I was someone who didn't like cranberries and ended up buying a whole box of what I think were mango-peach bars and end up with cranberry bars. The same thing happened with the chocolate bars as well. The mint chocolate one, while tasty, also had crisped rice in it. Again, the crisped rice was in the ingredients list but not in the name on the label. There was no reason to suspect that the bar would have crisped rice in it, the other ones (except for the actual crisped rice bar) were all traditional smooth chocolate bars. Again, it wasn't exactly a bad thing, just unexpected.

All in all, they were a great snack or lunch addition but the labels and names were oddly vague.