Thursday, December 27, 2007

Pomegranate 7-Up

I have been obsessed with pomegranates since I was a child, long before pomegranate came into vogue. I've enjoyed their recent popularity as it means they are easier to find (and in more forms) than ever before. So I was pretty excited when I read that 7-UP was coming out with a limited edition (just until Jan 31) pomegranate 7-UP. Well, I was excited until I realized I couldn't find it for sale anywhere. I've been to many, many stores (grocery, pharmacy and mass merchandisers) to no avail. Even the managers at said locations don't know anything about it. I've found mentions of it on other sites/blogs so I know it exists, but where? I finally emailed Cadbury Schweppes asking them where I might be able to purchase it in my area. I carefully explained that I checked several local stores and talked to the managers of the stores and still can't find it. Their response? Check my local grocery store and talk to the manager. How frustrating. I hate bad customer service. I mean, how many hours should a customer have to devote to hunting down one of their products?

So, has anyone spotted it in the wild?