Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Do the Mango Mash

We were in NYC this past weekend and while in Park Slope we stopped by some gourmet store and they had a whole bunch of (new to me) Mash for sale. It was mango and (I think faux but that's okay) blood orange flavored fruit juice water. Only 80 calories for the whole huge bottle and it was good, I have a hard time drinking straight fruit juice (esp. with food-it is just too much) and hate water so these new fruit infused water things are perfect for me. I wish it was available here. It is made by Boylan (home of the seltzers I love and which also tricky to find here) and was only $1.50. Oh and did I mention it was fizzy? This is my dream beverage. The scant number of fruit water things available here are are still and to me, bubbles make everything better.