Saturday, November 17, 2007

Carbon Conscious Consumer

Carbon Conscious Consumer

My friend Aimee shared a link with me (click on the above logo to check out the site) to a site about being a carbon conscious consumer. I saw the site for the first time today and it seems like I've already a fairly carbon conscious consumer! Who knew?

Each month they have a suggestion on how to cut down carbon use. They are all very simple but can have a big impact:

July was to buy one pound of locally grown food a week-check! (farmers markets/my own garden)
August was to carve out one car free day a week- check! (I work from home most days, and don't drive any where for at least 2 or 3 days a week)
September was cut out junk mail-check! (I hate junk mail and even call companies to stop unsolicited catalogues)
October was to to break the bottled water habit-check! (Never really drank bottled water, it just seemed so wasteful)

The goal for this month is to wash your laundry in cold water (which we already do) and to try to hang it out or dry it on racks (which I already do).

Next month: bringing your own bag to the grocery store-the only one I don't do yet. And should.

Any suggestions on good bags?