Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Glacier Mints

A few years ago a British goods store in Annapolis sold Glacier Mints and got me hooked. I picked up a few bags every few months or so and was happy. Then they marked them up to about $5 a bag which annoyed me but only meant I bought one bag instead two or three (when they were selling for around $3) and had to make them last longer. Then they stopped selling them altogether which was completely annoying because I honestly think I made the hour or so journey down to Annapolis expressly for those mints the day I noticed they had stopped carrying them.

Fast forward to this year. I put Glacier Mints on my food wishlist (right side column for those of you reading this in a reader) and then about a month or so ago a reader named Mark contacted me. He had a British connection and offered to procure some for me. Then yesterday I got two bags from him in the mail! All is right with the world again.

Why do I love them so? From the website: "Fox's Glacier Mints are the leading, branded, boiled mint on the market. The sweets are produced using natural mint oils and no artificial colours and we ensure that only the best ingredients are used." They are super pepperminty but smooth and hard and perfect. My favorite peppermint to date.

Of course now that I look at the Fox's site, I see a variety I've never noticed before-FOX'S Garden Fruits- Rhubarb, Apple, Pear and Gooseberry hard candies. Be still my heart.