Saturday, September 08, 2007

Successful shopping

We got up and going this morning and actually made it to the Waverly Farmer's Market. I'm glad we did, I think this is pretty much the last week that tomatoes of any quality will be there. Our plants were pretty ravaged after a big storm about 3 weeks ago and we didn't get the crop we were expecting. So we picked up a few pounds of Brandywine and some zebra tomatoes. We also got a ton of other things: green onions, fresh black & butter beans, thumb-sized eggplants, scallions, sage, dill, basil, chard, and a loaf of bread. Then we went to Punjab International Groceries & Halal (on 33rd) and picked up some things I've been wanting: pomegranate molasses, mango squash and Maaza mango.