Friday, August 03, 2007

Bottled Water, eh

I am happy to see this NYT editorial about the foolishness of bottle water making the rounds. I've always thought that bottled water is the biggest marketing coup in many years. To convince millions of people that they need to pay $1 a bottle (or more! the couple of times I have bought bottled water, it has always been at some outdoor event in August and cost $5) for something we get virtually free, in good quality, delivered to our homes was genius. Especially when you figure that most of the bottled water packaged and sold in the US is just refiltered, repacked municipal tap water. I see people walking around the streets of Baltimore drinking bottles of Dasani and Aquafini, both of which are bottled here by Coca-Cola using our local tap water. It is good to drink water, but think of the millions of plastic bottles that are use and not recycled each year. So wasteful.