Saturday, July 07, 2007

Back to our regularly scheduled blogging

Sorry for the sudden and abrupt hiatus! I've been cooking and trying new things but haven't had the time to post here. Most notably, the Towson Farmer's Market is now in full swing. I had totally forgotten about it- I used to go to when I worked near the courthouse fresh out of college but since it is held during the week, unless you work or live in Towson, it is not the most convenient market.

It is on Thursday mornings in the heart of Towson. The place where I work part time isn't far from there, so I took an early lunch and went. There isn't the variety the Sunday market under 83 has or even all of what the Waverly market has, but there are a number of produce stands, a couple flower/plant stands and some of the neighborhood (independently owned) restaurants have booths selling sandwiches and things, so it is a good spot do a little produce shopping over lunch.