Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Suddenly Illusive

I normally accept, if somewhat grudgingly, when a product I like is taken off the shelves. As with nearly every one of my favorite TV shows, I realize that I seem to consistently hold the minority opinion and that whatever I enjoy will soon leave me. But I didn't think it would happen to this.

As I have recently revealed, I am not a fan of water. I have only recently acquiesced to drinking it in the form of club soda. As with coke, I prefer it in cans for maximum carbonation and freshness. This was no problem, as the local Safeway always had it stocked in 6 packs, frequently for about $1.25. However, for the past few weeks, there has just been an empty shelf where the cans used to be. We had to resort to buying liter bottles for 80 cents a piece, which not only go flat before I can finish them, are not as cost efficient. Normally I would just switch my club soda alliance to a different store, but it does not appear that Super Fresh or Wegmans sell club soda in cans. Surely I am not the only one who drank it?