Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Eating Locally: Dogwood Deli

After getting my haircut at one of only 2 organic salons in the country, Sprout, I decided to continue the responsible living theme and pick up lunch (to go, although they do have dine in service-it is currently closed for remodeling) at the nearby Dogwood Deli. Their focus is on local and organic ingredients and sustainable eating and have partnerships with farmer and independent businesses in the area. Their food is also really, really good. The roast beef sandwich is amazing- just read the description from the menu:
Rosemary – Peppered Roast Beef and Blue grass-fed beef from Pa. slow roasted and sliced thin, served on ciabatta bread, topped with apricot-horseradish chutney, blue cheese, and thyme-grilled onions.
It came with some waffle chips (very potato tasting). And I love any place that has Boylan seltzers for sale.
Check out the rest of the menu here.
The place is fairly reasonably priced too, my sandwich was one of the pricier selections on the deli menu at $8.75, but well worth it. It was simply delicious. And if you consider the higher price of buying biodegradable packaging for takeout, working with local farmers and the cost of running a business, it's a steal.

Dogwood Deli in Baltimore