Thursday, May 31, 2007

True Confessions # 3: I Hate Water

As it gets hotter and hotter here in scenic Baltimore, I've been having to consume vast quantities of cool beverages. This makes sense, but is always a bit of a challenge for me. I am not much of a beverage person. I actively dislike water. I don't like ice. I adore cans of coke, but try to limit my intake. I don't like iced or sweet tea.
In the past year or so I have introduced water into my diet in the form of cans of club soda, but the bubbles can only fool me for so long. I've had to come up with some alternatives.
Enter my new favorite beverages:
  • club soda with a dash of Ribena or lingonberry concentrate
  • club soda with lemon, flavored simple syrup
  • absolute favorite: vodka, club soda, lime and ginger simple syrup*
  • Italian soda**

I also find that drinking out of tall, attractive glasses and using my fussy reusable ice cubes and sparkly straws helps me handle the trauma involved in increasing my beverage intake. So there you have it. I am not a picky eater, just a picky drinker.

*Recently I have read of this as being called a "vodka fizz" and how it is the predicted hot drink for this Summer. I have always been ahead of the crowd.

**Wegmans makes a few fun flavors of Italian soda. I like the blood orange one, it is made with real blood orange juice and doesn't taste like orange soda. I was excited to see that Safeway came out with a line of organic Italian sodas (I live less than a mile from Safeway and 25 minutes from Wegmans) but I tried the pomegranate one it was foul. Honestly, it almost tasted rancid.