Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Yesterday afternoon I was offered the opportunity to be mailed some samples of Popchips and less than 15 hours later they arrived at my doorstep. Popchips are a new variety of low fat "popped" chips that are not baked or fried, just popped. I love the idea of a lower fat chip and the idea of being able to choose between popped corn, rice or potato chips was appealing. They come in several varieties:

popped corn chips
sea salt corn chips
hint of butter corn chips
cheddar corn chips
salsa corn chips

popped potato chips
original potato chips
barbeque potato chips
parmesan garlic potato chips

popped rice chips
sea salt rice chips
wasabi rice chips

I have to say, I am really enjoying these chips! The first one I tried was the barbeque potato chips. I generally don't like barbeque flavored things-they are either too sweet or fake tasting but these were so good! Tangy, spicy and a good underlying flavor of potato. Best of all, they were completely grease-free and there was no flavor powder left sticking to my fingers. I also like how all of the varieties come in one ounce bags of about 20-25 chips each (and 95% of them were still intact, no crumbs!) which equal a single serving size of 120 calories (with only 40 coming from fat, and no trans or saturated fat) which means you can eat a whole bag with no worries. Frankly, there were so many chips in the bag and they are so big, I could hardly finish them all.

Right now they are only available at select stores, but you can also find them for sale (by the small case) on Amazon.