Thursday, May 03, 2007

Paletas Frutas Enchiladas

Hershey's owns Jolly Rancher which puts out some Thalia themed candies that come in some pretty exotic flavors. These lollipops come in tamarindo (tamarind), limon (lime) and mango and have spices embedded in them. The spicy/sweet combo is quite nice and the fruit flavors are pretty true to life but I had a hard time getting around their large, square shape and the slightly gritty texture of the spices. Cybele has a great post about them here. I really, really wanted to love them (and I gave some to my friend Heather who is now quite addicted) but I couldn't quite do it.

What I'd really like to find again, but have no idea what they are called are these fabulous lollipops I used to get at a deli when I was in college that has since closed. They were clear, the label was in French and (of all things) had clowns on it. The flavors were amazing, especially the extremely realistic pear flavor. I loved them. Anyone know what I am talking about?