Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New Butter Size

I was on their site recently and noticed that Land O Lakes has a new butter product out- a half pound box of 4 individually wrapped ¼ cup sticks. Just when you think they can't do anything new with butter.
Normally butter comes in 1 lb boxes with 1/4 lb sticks. I think the idea is that it keeps longer and fresher than having to cut a larger stick and having the leftovers open and ready to absorb odors or dry out. I am not sure if I would use this product (I bet it is priced about the same as a whole pound is) but it would be great if you didn't use butter frequently and were ending up with a bunch of butter stubs. What I do when I have only part of a stick left is to put it into our butter dish and use it for toast and things rather than starting a whole stick in there and it works out well.