Monday, May 21, 2007

Lunch Solution

While I was at Target today I found this cute lunch container as part of their "summer picnic" display. While I am normally a Tupperware only sort of girl, I think these off-brand containers might be the solution to some lunch packing problems we've been having.
Matt takes a lunch to work nearly every day, generally leftovers from dinner along with carrots/apples. The problem is that we store our dinner leftovers in large Tupperware containers and then he either needs to also pack smaller container for lunch or take the whole container to work. Then while at work, he needs to put it on a plate to microwave it, which results in a fair amount of dishes. He also some times forgets to bring the big containers home (or leaves them in his car) which leaves us without containers to put new leftovers in.
These lunch containers are pretty deep and large (big enough to hold a full meal for an adult), have snap-on utensils and are microwave safe. And best of all: only $2.99. I don't think they are air or liquid tight, but that really shouldn't be a problem for the short amount of time the food would be stored in them. They also will (hopefully) cut down on the number of snack and sandwich bags we use.
I bought myself one too, although I don't eat as much at work as he does. I really dislike the whole communal microwave, shared refrigerator thing so I generally only take things that can be eaten (safely, I am a little fanatical about avoiding food poisoning) at room temperature or that can be kept cool with an ice pack.