Sunday, May 27, 2007

Dinner Planning

It is suddenly appropriately hot and steamy here in Baltimore. Until recently it had been unseasonably cool- so cool that early this week I actually had to wear a sweater!

We are having some people over for dinner, and being the people we are, we couldn't decide what to make. Matt really, really wanted to make lasagna but I was worried it would be too hot. After endless rounds of the "what should we make" game, we decided to make the lasagna after all, but in two parts. Matt made the sauce yesterday and today we are going to boil the noodles and assemble it long before we plan to eat it. It's not hamburgers and hot dogs, but it should be tasty and hopefully won't make the house too hot. It is days like this I long for central air conditioning. I think by spacing out the cooking (the long cooking sauce/boiling water time is what heats the kitchen up) we will be okay. We can also eat in the backyard as long as it doesn't rain.

I also made cupcakes yesterday for tonight's dessert and left them nude. Closer to dinnertime I am going to make a quick cream cheese/lemon frosting and ice them. I like doing that when I can because it cuts down on the day of work and there is no chance of the icing melting or getting the cupcakes soggy.