Sunday, May 20, 2007

Community Supported Agriculture

I've been seeing on the blogs more and more mentions of getting CSA baskets of produce delivered to your house. It sounds like a good idea: you get fresh, local vegetables without having to venture to a farmer's market. Don't get me wrong, I love the farmer's market, but it is not always the first thing I think of when I wake up on the weekends, and it would have to be in order for us to drive across town to get to it in time.

So I am looking into it. There are a few places that deliver to the Baltimore area and a few farms we could drive to, so it might happen. The only thing I am not sure if I would like is the lack of control over what you get each week. I like the idea of being creative and working with what we get but what if one week it is all cantaloupe and green peppers and I have to give it away? That's not very cost effective. And what if we get pounds of tomatoes the same week our own homegrown, organic tomatoes ripen? Tomato overload! It also a fair amount of money to layout all at once ($300-500) for a season. I mean, I am sure we spend that now, but in much smaller chunks over time. One farm does allow you to join at any time (for $23 a week) and might have a pick up site just blocks away so that one would probably be my top pick. It also doesn't have a work requirement (we have enough of that at home) like some of the farms do.

Anyone have any personal experience they'd like to share?