Monday, May 07, 2007

Amish NYC

We're back from NYC where we attended the best wedding ever- everyone was wonderful and they had a raw bar and a seafood buffet just for the cocktail hour (on top of breakfast and a full course meal featuring lobster and filet mignon) -and where we had a lot of eating and drinking fun. I found some foods and drinks I have been looking for (posts forth coming) but my favorite spot was Amish. We went to the Murray Hill location and had the best ham & brie and turkey & brie sandwiches with cricket cola. And we found goji berries (dark chocolate covered and plain, now I can cross that off my wishlist), bulk chocolate and tiny green plums that we bought and schlepped back to Baltimore. What I love about New York is that even the tiniest store (not Amish, that was fairly large) has a variety of foreign candies and fun drinks. Amish was great, fancy and not so fancy food and for the most part, reasonable prices.