Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wishlist Update: Matcha & Valomilk

I am lucky girl! Super sweet Raquel saw my plea for Valomilks and green tea powder and came to the rescue! Not only that, but she sent me a great package that included some other goodies as well, including couple of cookies she made (and vacuum packed, which cracked me up!), key lime and coconut candy, soup, tart filling, a adorable sugar patch made by her friend, coconut candy and of course matcha and Valomilk. What a treat!
I have been wanting to try Valomilk for years-ever since reading Steve Almond's Candy Freak but have had no luck. Apparently the famous "flowing center" is a bit tricky to deal with. It can't survive high altitudes (so flying is out) and of course heat is a killer of candy bars and they have a tendency to ooze. Well, the USPS is ground only and it has been freakishly cold so it arrived safely and intact. It was sticky, but the filling really did flow, in fact, I had to eat it standing over the sink. The flavor is pretty mild-no over the top vanilla or chocolate flavors nor it quite marshmallow-y but it was quite good and the novelty factor was quite high. It is difficult to describe, but I liked it and I am glad I was able to try one!

The green tea powder came in a tiny tin with a pull tab. When I pulled it, a little puff of green powder came up and coated me like I was bank robber opening up a bag of money with a dye pack inside. Luckily there is tons more in the tin, I can't wait to make something with it.