Monday, April 02, 2007

Thrifty Tip #6: Spring Deals

  • Shredded coconut was really cheap at Safeway today: only $1.70 for a 5 1/3 cup bag. It wasn't in the ad, it was one of those "price slashed temporarily" deals they have occasionally. I bought 3 bags-it lasts forever and you can freeze it. Easter always seems to bring good deals on coconut.

  • Fresh horseradish is easily found this time of year because of Passover. So it is a good time to try making fresh horseradish sauce, just don't breathe too deeply.

  • This is a really good time to look for deals on baking supplies. Now that winter is over, many stores are paring down their baking sections.

  • In other years, I have noticed early Spring is a good time to get good deals on fresh seafood (because of Lent, I assume) but this year I haven't noticed it so much. There have been some sales, but not the usual rock bottom prices I have seen in years past.
  • I have been seeing a lot of smoked salmon "trim" sold in little tubs lately. It is generally in seafood department of the supermarket or near lox. It is the leftovers from cutting out large chunks of smoked salmon to make large, flat pieces of lox. It is generally much cheaper than regular smoked salmon and I have found the bits to be quite large and flat-big enough to cover half a bagel. So if you don't mind piecing together your lox for bagels and cream cheese or plan on using it in something else (I love it in a scramble) it is a great choice.

  • Asparagus is very cheap this time of year. I know people always say it goes bad quickly, but I find if you wrap it tightly, it can last a week or so without cooking it.