Monday, April 16, 2007

Target Finds

I went to Target today to kill time after my eye doctors appointment (if you are interested: I ended up getting contacts -which I wear 99% of the day- and these glasses, except in black w. green) because my eyes were so dilated from the exam that I was having issues driving. Anyway, while I was there aimlessly wandering the isles and looking like I just stumbled out of a rave, I found these kitschy "coconut" drinking glasses for $4. How fun are they going to be to drink out of this summer? They are surprisingly sturdy and the inside lifts out for easy cleaning. I also might add that I saw them at Joann Fabrics for $7, so it was a bargain!
I found this tiny little pot (like 1-2 inch!) of radish seeds in the $1 bin. I think I'm going to stick them on the sindow sill and see what happens.