Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ikea Swedish Food Marketplace/Wishlist Update

Acting on a tip by local Xiao Zhu, I swung by my local Ikea and found, to my delight, pearl sugar. Very exciting and something else I can cross off my food wishlist. Now I can make some of those Scandinavian delights that were until now unobtainable. While there, I couldn't resist picking up some premade vanilla sugar (I know you can make your own, but this was only about $2 and I don't have to use a whole vanilla bean) which is very fine and has flecks of vanilla bean in it, and some lingonberry drink concentrate (which I already tried out in some club soda-I think drink concentrates are my new favorite things-I might have to go back for some elderflower concentrate) and a jar of lingonberry preserves, because you never know when you might get the yen for lingonberry.