Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Food Wishlist Update Central

Here is a list of items I have found so far:
+ sushi grade fish (Found!)
+ green tea powder (Found!)
+ Ribena (Found!)
+ Valomilk (Found!)
+ Sint Maartin guavaberry (Found!)
+cane sugar Coke (2L Found!)
+ Vosges Exotic Chips(Found!)
+ Vanilla Paste (Found!)
+ Pearl Sugar (Found!)
+ Goji Berries (Found!)
+ Fizzy Cola (Found!)
+ Golden Kiwi (Found!)
+ Red Currants (Found!)
+ Edible Silver Dust (Found!)
+Pomegranate Molassas (found!)
+Maaza (found!)
+ Chocodiles! (found!)
+ Vosges Bacon Bar (found!)
+ Israeli Couscous (found!)
+ Gooseberries (found!)

Check out what I am still looking for over on the right hand column.