Sunday, April 22, 2007

Adventures in Food

I know I have talked about my adventures at H Mart before, but we had a good visit today- lots of new produce that we haven't seen before. We bought a couple of the yellow Korean melons, some very pretty red ongchoy, a small case of nine large mangos for only $6 (normally $1-2 a piece), pipian squash and fresh turmeric. And some other yummy things: large scallops for only $5 a pound, frozen seafood, some beautiful kiwi, so many greens (chard, something labeled "Chinese greens" which looks like small bok choy but green all the way through, baby bok choy), Chinese eggplant, and some other odds and ends. The refrigerator is completely full-we had scrubbed it out before we went and threw out some old leftovers and things so it had been quite bare- there is scarcely any room left.