Monday, March 12, 2007

Woe is Tomato

Late last December when we were trying to get the ingredients together for the totally '80s sun-dried tomato/pesto pizza we made for New Year's Eve, we had the hardest time finding sun-dried tomatoes*. We went from store to store and they either wouldn't have any sun-dried tomatoes at all or they'd have them but they would be out dated or extremely expensive. Finally we paid $6 for a (small, skinny) jar of sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil. So imagine my surprise when I went to our local neighborhood Safeway today and they had not one, not two but seven varieties of sun-dried tomatoes! Did they finally hear my plaintive pleas two months too late? There was a whole section in the isle devoted to sun-dried tomatoes. I am not kidding. They had 3 brands and sizes of the tomatoes packed in oil, one organic, one packed with pesto, one packed with peppers and even two kinds of sun-dried tomatoes not in oil (which is actually what we wanted for the pizza, we had to blot the oil soaked ones) . I could choose from either halved or julienned! For $2.50! With no oil and in a resealable bag! I picked up a bag of the halved oil free variety (even though I generally never eat sun-dried tomatoes) just because I could.

*We also had a hard time finding fresh basil for the pesto, but at least that could be explained by the fact that it was out of season. Sun-dried tomatoes don't have a season! Suffice it to say, the actual physical making of the pizza, dough, pesto and all was the easiest part of this adventure.